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About Tango

Tango helps students write essays that stand out

I believe every student has a story to tell, a story that shines a light on what is best in them.  But, in my experience, very few young writers have enough experience with the essay form to feel confident identifying and telling those stories.  A five-paragraph expository paper may be no problem, but a personal essay?  Now that is a terrifying thought.

But it shouldn’t be.  I help students understand what lies at the heart of the admissions essay.  We work together, step-by-step, mining their ideas and experiences for the building blocks of a compelling story. We work on structure and voice.  We craft an engaging hook and an ending that leaves the reader wanting more.   We work on editing.  We polish and fine-tune until an essay feels right.  We work, step-by-step, until it’s ready.

Workshops and Classes

Tango workshops offer students a power-through-it, boot camp-style opportunity to craft an essay in a day.  Together with a panel of essay-writing experts – recent high school graduates who have written successful essays – we spend a day drilling down to the heart of what makes an essay effective.  We identify stories that open a window into what drives a student, his or her passions, dreams, and goals.  Then, we power through the writing process, finding a structure that works.  At the end of the day, students have an essay.  One day.  One essay.  No sweat.

Classes provide a more relaxed and reflective opportunity for students to craft an essay over time.  Offered as a series of three 2 hour sessions, classes allow for a greater degree of trust to develop between myself and the students. They give students the chance to evaluate multiple topics, structure possibilities, and edit in more depth.

One-on-One Guidance

Many students require flexibility in the writing and editorial process.  One-on-one, fixed-fee guidance allows me to develop a more personal working relationship with a student and adapt to his or her unique needs. With this plan, there is no limit to the number of sessions available.  We will work until we get it right, until everyone is satisfied.


Looking for your story?  Tango can help.

Upcoming classes and workshops

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I’m convinced that FEAR is at the root of most bad writing.

-Stephen King